Writing Intention

I love writing.

but I am not a good writer in terms of grammar, diction, etc.

but I love writing and I don’t want to stop doing things that I love.

For me writing is not about being right, being cool, or being famous. For me, writing is like therapy. When I write something.. it’s like I can share about anything inside my heart and my brain.. even something I hold inside for a long time.

Back to several years ago when I was down.. like really down.. when I cry almost every single day.. (it’s true.. I can suddenly cry in a happy environment even when I was in a meeting with a client). No no I am not crazy. There is some trigger I still keep personally (in my private post which only me who can read it over and over again). I started writing with the intention to pour everything inside my heart and my brain. I write to encourage my self to be stronger and better.. to look something in different point of view. Simply.. I write for my own sake.

The writing is not good at all maybe for some literature experts but I do not care. I’m happy and calm when I write. I also can be my own self without any pretentious motive in my writing. I just want to write so I can re-read my writing then DANG.. I can’t re-do the same mistakes or I can live with positive mind.

For me that’s the meaning of writing.

So even though several people will laugh and think that my writing is super bad. I won’t make it such a big deal. I’m not writing to impress anyone. like my first intention before.. I write for my self and for anyone who also need motivation, laugh, review, or any other things.

ps : well I will still accept critique to make me better as long as it was told in a good manner for a good purpose πŸ˜‰

well for you guys who love to do things.. don’t let other people stop you. If you love it, do it (of course it should be positive, ok?) hehehe..

thaaanks for reading my babbling (if any) hahahha