End of Year Post

Today is December 31st 2015 already

Is it just me or 2015 passes by tooo quick to be true. Seems like it was yesterday when I made the post about year 2015 at the end of 2014. Should I be sad or happy knowing this fact? Happy I guess because 2015 is kinda hard because I was occupied with many errands like Data Center and Network Project for our new Building and knowing that I can get through this well done without much damage is a very happy things I should thankful for. You know it was hard because I have to deal with many people, contract, and technical things regarding DC which I didn’t really understand that time (well I am quite capable in terms of UNIX server but DC operational? not so much).

What should I do in 2015 in terms of career matter?

I guess I will still deal with data center construction 2.0 and also the auditing matters for my DC construction 1.0. Arrrrgh.. but I will need to enjoy it to the fullest because THANK GOD.. He still give me much much much errands to do and health to do it well πŸ™‚

Well I have quite high hope for my Hermosa by SM this year. I hope this year hermosa can be mature and the sales is higher than before. Hopefully everything is sold out so we can make new collection quite regular like once in 3 months. AAMIIN..

What should I do in 2015 in terms of personal matter?

because it’s personal I will save it and pray for it personally πŸ˜‰

Happy holiday